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We provide powerful training programs that teach
How Debt Really Works
and our guaranteed class
The Five Keys To Real Ownership.

We also provide proven, high tech programs that help you  master  your debt and show you how to outsmart
it using ordinary banking products.  You simply bank

Trivia Question 1
Is a 3%  rate on a 30 year mortgage a good deal? 
Yes. Then why is the borrower paying over 50 cents of every dollar to interest in the first 5 years of this loan?  It will still take them 30 years to pay it off.   What if they could  pay it off in 10 - 12 years?

Trivia Question 2
The lenders give us payment schedules for 5, 10, 20, 30 years.  We have to  make  each
of those payments or be in trouble right?  
No!   There is a lot smarter way than to make one payment every single month.  You can easily and safely and in a completely legal manner use ordinary banking products to cancel large amounts of interest and accelerate the pay off of any debt.  You just bank a little bit differently and a lot smarter.

One Couple's Story
Michael and his wife were both 50 and thinking about retirement but their $322,000 mortgage wouldn't pay off until they were 78.   They took the Five Keys to Unlocking Real Ownership Class and are now on track to pay off by age 60.  Retirement is looking very good. 

"The class  was  amazing.  We were  high-fiving  each other  afterward.  The program is very easy and we always have support.  We we naturally skeptical at first but we are  ahead of schedule!   We didn't change our  monthly budget either.  You should at least take the class and find out for yourself."   Michael and Kathy B.

A Young Doctor's Story
Pete is a young doctor with nearly $200,000 in student debt from medical school.  He and his wife also have just purchased a home and have a mortgage of $250,000.  They took our class and are on the program.  They will have all their debt paid off in less than 12 years.  They didn't refinance or change their monthly payments and their monthly bills did not increase. 

I was really pretty stressed about the debt  I was taking on.   The mortgage on top of my student debt seemed pretty overwhelming.   Now I'm not worried because I see my debt  shrinking  nicely.   I recommend  this to anyone who is  stressed about finances.  My mortgage and med school debt will be paid off within
ten years at this rate."   Dr. Peter B.

The Five Keys To Unlocking Real Ownershipis the class that shows you how to CANCEL tens of thousands of interest and  ACCELERATE the  pay off of any debt.   With  very clear  examples  we teach  how debt REALLY  works  and exactly how you can do this in a very easy safe and guaranteed way. There is no change to your  bank accounts.  You use the same  banking products  that most people already have.  You do not changes banks or accounts.

"This  system  provides  a  way  to  increase  equity  and  visualize  the  long-term
consequences   of   budgeting   decisions.   It    helps     people    pay   off    their 
mortgages   and   all   debt  in  an   accelerated   schedule   with   little   lifestyle
change."     Mortgage Planner Magazine

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